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Office Shoes for men

From parties to offices, men often get away with wearing the sameRead More

From parties to offices, men often get away with wearing the same brown or black pair of shoes over and over. But picking designer office shoes with some care and attention will make you stand out for sure.

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Men’s officewear shoes

Contrary to popular belief, the variety of shoes for office wear can actually offer quite versatile options.
When you have an important meeting to attend, the sleek, shiny Oxfords go perfectly for the office.
In some office spaces, which have a creative environment like that of designing or advertising agencies, a few sneaker styles might also work well. They would work more as smart or business casuals than complete formals.
However, be it any style of footwear that you choose, if you keep your corporate shoes tidy, clean, and team it well with your trendy chinos and blazers, you can easily pull off a smart formal look.

1. What are men’s professional shoes called?

Men’s professional shoes are also called dress shoes, corporate shoes, or office shoes. Dress shoes (U.S. English) are shoes worn for smart casual or more formal events, as opposed to athletic shoes.
Derby and Oxford shoes fall within the formal range of lace-up shoes. Suitable for boardroom meetings, office parties, and high-end events, these shoes are traditional and elegant.

2. Which colored shoes work best for the office - black or brown?

The ideal situation would be to have one pair of each - black and brown, to match different colors of trousers. If you have to pick just one, choose black.
It is recommended to wear black formal trousers with black office shoes, as it does not create a visual break at the feet. Gray and blue also go well with black shoes. You shouldn't wear them with dark brown trousers; it's not the best combination.
Brown and tan shoes often go well with blue, beige, and olive outfits. Just make sure to match the belt to the shoes, and you're done.

3. Can office wear shoes be lace less?

Lace less leather shoes are usually worn for business casual or smart casual attire. Exceptions do exist, of course. Wearing stylish "slippers/loafers" with a one-button evening coat can look great sometimes. Nonetheless, stick with laced shoes as a general rule.

4. Which shoes are best for office formal wear?

In a strictly formal office atmosphere, you should always prefer something from the range of lace-up shoes. A laced-up Oxford or Derby shoe is one of the best office shoes for men that goes well with formal work attire. These look tidy, sophisticated and are best suited for meetings and high-end events.
In some cases, Monks straps can also go well into the category of semi formal shoes for the office and give you a distinct style statement of your own.
When it comes to formal colors, black and brown are the universally accepted best choices that can go perfectly well with any formal attire.
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