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Men's Favourites

A man's favorite shoes are often the ones he feels the most comfortable in. Such shoes are usually really close to the heart because of either their look, feel, or both. If you don't yet have a pair of such footwear in your collection, then explore our range of tailor-made footwear for you in various styles. Also, your search for the perfect royal footwear ends now and here!

Royal shoes

Be the knight in shining armor with a pair of royal shoes for men who feel like it was made for you
The right pair of shoes can make you feel on top of the world! Be the knight in shining armor with a pair of premium royal shoes for men who feel like the perfect fit for you. Wear these exclusive shoes for a wedding, party, or just any special occasion. Make an everlasting impression and make heads turn!

What is the usual price range for royal-looking men's shoes in India?

Royal-looking men's footwear can range from around Rupees Ten Thousand to a few lakhs. The price varies depending on their quality, material, style, and brand. Rare styles and materials like those used in exotic shoes are usually priced high.

Can you find royal party wear shoes online?

The choices are innumerable when it comes to royal party wear shoes for men, available online. Look up patent leather shoes, royal blue shoes, designer brogue shoes, and even boots. Designer brogues do wonders when paired with a traditional Indian outfit, while shiny oxfords look the best with a regal tuxedo.

Which shoes look the best on men?

Depending on the occasion and the type of outfit, various shoe styles can make you look your best. Pick Oxfords or Derbys for formal events. Go for a pair of royal black or blue designer shoes for a unique party look. Brogues and customized shoes can bring out your creative persona. For a relaxed look, you can opt for loafers or even a slider.

Can loafers give a royal look?

Loafers are one of the most versatile footwear styles. They come in different textures and colors and are suitable for both formal and informal events. A royal blue, brown, or red-colored loafer can give an outstandingly royal look with a tailored suit or a pair of denim.
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