Oxford Shoes for Men

Getting ready for a formal black-tie event? A man needs to complete his look with the best...Read More

Getting ready for a formal black-tie event? A man needs to complete his look with the best pair of shoes, and what’s a better pick than the classic Oxford formal shoes from Escaro Royalé! From attending a party to going to work the next day, our Oxford Shoes can be your ultimate companion.

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Men’s Oxford Shoes

One of the most popular types of formal footwear for men is Oxford Shoes. These quintessential shoes have been ruling the men’s formal shoe category for generations. A distinct characteristic of these shoes is their lace eyelet tabs that are stitched under the vamp in contrast to other shoes like the Derby’s in which they are stitched on top.
These classic shoes are said to have their origins based in Scotland and Ireland. They were earlier termed the “Balmorals” after the name of Balmoral Castle. One of the earliest versions of this now-classic footwear is the “Oxonian” shoe, which was named after Oxford University. It was a half-boot design with two side slits that became popular among students of Oxford University around 1800. Eventually, the design evolved from side slits to side laces and ultimately cut down to shoes that had laces at their instep. The present oxford-style shoes that you see have evolved through the years to be what it is today. It is still a popular choice for formal wear and you can easily find options for oxford shoes online and choose as per your taste and preferences.

Are Oxford shoes the most formal amongst all other shoes?

Oxford shoes can be considered as one of the most popular types of formal footwear. Even though there are many other varieties that exist in the market, the clean and professional look of Oxfords mostly makes it the first choice of buyers. The formal look also largely depends on the way of styling it with the outfits and the color of the footwear chosen. Black and Brown colored leather Oxford Shoes are always welcomed on all formal occasions.

Can you wear Oxford shoes with casuals?

Although Oxford shoes are best known for their formal appearance, that does not mean that you cannot team them up with your favorite jeans or casual pants. They can look great at casual events and can often result in an amazing style when paired with jeans as long as you are wearing them right. Casual oxford shoes can help you achieve an aesthetic semi-formal overall look when paired with jeans and a buttoned-up shirt or a blazer complementing the shoes.

Which color suits Oxford shoes the best - black, brown, or tan?

Although they all can be paired with outfits for a formal dressing style, black shoes without a doubt can be considered the most formal of all. Black oxford shoes look best when worn with cool tones of clothes or with a black tie and suit. Brown and tan colored Oxfords can be quite versatile in nature and can render a great look with almost every colored suit like gray, navy blue, etc. Lighter brown colored footwear like tan oxford shoes gives a more relaxed and casual feel. Darker shades of brown, like teak brown or burgundy render a more formal and rich appearance.

Are Oxford shoes versatile?

Oxford shoes can be paired with the right outfits and prints for a dapper look. Since they have a sleek and clean shape, they can pull off a metrosexual look as well. However, for a man or a woman, for a formal look, Oxford leather shoes really rule the space. They enhance your overall personality by adding that hint of grace and poise just required to make an amazing first impression at work.
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