Drivers and Moccasins for Men

Looking for a casual day outing? Go for a pair of men’s moccasin shoes that are smart ye...Read More

Looking for a casual day outing? Go for a pair of men’s moccasin shoes that are smart yet soft and comfortable on your feet. Moccasins are also referred to as Driving Shoes. Typically made of soft leather, moccasins have a soft, flexible sole, are traditionally heel-less, are stitched up at the top, and usually have an embroidered or beaded upper part.

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Moccasins AKA Driving Shoes for Men

Moccasins are low-cut shoes made from leather without a heel. Traditionally, they had no sole and were made of a single piece of material that formed a wraparound shape around the foot before joining together with a seam at the top.
Put on a pair of socks when the weather gets cold to keep your feet warm and toasty. Long pants look best with both crew and no-show socks, while shorts look better with loafer or no-show socks. Leggings and slim-cut slacks, as well as skinny and boot-cut jeans, look great with men’s leather moccasins. Cuff the bottoms of your pants as a finishing touch to highlight the same.

Why are Moccasins called driving shoes?

Moccasins are often referred to as driving shoes because they were created for the purpose of driving. These footwear options are timeless and stylish and designed for comfort and extra grip on the pedals. The lace less style also makes them easy to wear and take off.

How are moccasins different from loafers?

The most basic and prominent difference between the two is that moccasin shoes have laces and loafers are without laces. A loafer is a lace less slip-on shoe, while a moccasin has a sole and sides made of a single piece of leather joined at the top.

What is the advantage of wearing moccasin shoes?

One of the major benefits of wearing the right men’s moccasins shoes is for the strengthening of your leg and foot muscles. Your natural gait or stride can be accentuated with the right pair.

What are the different types of moccasins?

Soft-soled and hard-soled shoes are the two varieties of mocs footwear. Soft-soled leather moccasins were and are mostly found in the East, but not entirely. Their upper and bottom sections are made of the same or similar types of materials; in certain cases, just a single piece of hiding was used to construct the entire footwear.
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