Casual Shoes for Men

Planning to catch up on a game with your gang? Or going out for a couple of drinks with yo...Read More

Planning to catch up on a game with your gang? Or going out for a couple of drinks with your buddies? These casual leather shoes might be your ultimate rescue ranger. These comfortable pair of footwear can just give you the relaxing vibe that you have been looking for.

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Casual Leather Shoes for Men

A day of fun and frolic cannot be enjoyed to the utmost unless you are in your zone. The same goes for shoes too. A pair of your favorite casual shoes can be the best choice for a pleasant and comfy experience. With the increasing popularity and versatility of these casual styles, you can easily wear a pair of casual leather sneakers or loafers for your everyday needs.
Men’s Casual shoes came into fashion in more recent times around the 19th and 20th centuries in London and Norway. The first loafer is recorded to have been made by Raymond Lewis Wildsmith of a company named Wildsmith Shoes. He made the footwear for the royal family as casual house footwear. It was called the Wildsmith Loafer and was later marketed as the Harrow.
Another variation of the casual leather loafers was introduced by a Norwegian shoemaker named Nils Gregoriusson Tveranger. Around 1908, he introduced his first design and named it Aurland shoe 1910. Around 1930, he introduced another variant of footwear named the Aurland moccasin. Eventually, these shoes were exported to Europe where they were noticed by American visitors and quickly gained popularity all over America for their ease and comfort of wearing and easygoing appeal.
On, you can simply pick a slick pair of leather casual shoes online and pair it with either a semi-formal or casual attire and be sure to look good anyway.

Can men wear casual shoes with formals?

It is always recommended to wear Oxfords or Derbys with formal or smart casual dresses. But in case you do not have an option, you can go for leather casual shoes with formal attire. You still have to choose the type of footwear you are going for while finalizing what you will be wearing.

What are the types of men’s casual shoes?

Sneakers, moccasins, loafers, mules, and sandals are the most prominent ones. The most casual of these all are sandals. They can be worn for running errands or a casual walk with friends. Loafers, Moccasins, Mules can be worn for casual, semi-formal, or formal events depending on the look and style. Casual leather sneakers can be worn for a sporty or casual look or at times even to a club.

When and how to wear casual shoes?

Casual shoes are gaining popularity in recent times due to their versatility and stylish variations. From an evening stroll to a club night, leather casual shoes can be your best friend almost everywhere. You can choose loafers with a pair of denims or chinos for a relaxed look. Sneakers team up well with something tidier like polo tees and tapered denims. It can even work for a semi-formal look with blazers. Loafers work best in a casual business environment where they are comfortable as well as presentable. So, be it almost anything, simply grab a pair of your favorite casual leather shoes to pair with your casual outfits and you are good to go.
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