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The Modern Boardroom Style: Brogue

Thursday 7th June 2018

The Modern Boardroom Style: Brogue

It’s time that you flex your sartorial muscles as you’ll need to come packing. It’s not your pocket square game that we are talking about, but it is something suave that warrants your attention. What we are talking about are the ultimate-occasion shoes that are made up of leather and placed well along with decorative perforations and visible edges. When brogues started, they weren’t meant for the boardroom. They were designed for the bog, worn by Irish and Entry countrymen who had to toil their soggy forms all day. With the broguing detail visible then, only being full perforations that allowed the wearer to simply pick up the shoes and flipping them over along with shaking them dry, Brogues have come a long way. With the shoemaking industry transitioning from a craft-based industry to a more refined business, Brogues have become a timeless necessity for modern day men.    Adding on to the heritage style and without veering towards what is usually touted as dangerously gaudy, Brogues add on to character to any look or situation. One can’t go wrong with a brogue. With th...Read More...

Rediscovering the Croco Leather

Monday 5th February 2018

Rediscovering  the Croco Leather

With exquisite design, supreme quality and enticing finish, croc leather is one of the most exotic leathers in the fashion world today. Products made with croc pattern are probably one of the most coveted acquired tastes in fashion. The trend of using croc skin leather started in early 1900s in America and Europe. Crocodile leather, because of its rarity, has become the symbol of royalty and exclusivity since then. The manufacturing of the exotic croc leather is still stuck in medieval times. It involves hunting an endangered lifeform and sewing it together in the name of fashion & luxury. Shouldn’t we rather define this flavor of luxury as an ultimate cruelty? The real question is: Is it the pattern, processing & designing that makes croc pattern exotic or is it really the genuineness of skin of an endangered species? We, at Escaro Royalé Luxury, believe it’s the former. With the enhancement in leather embossing and texturing technologies, it is now possible to create croc embossed pattern & colors on any leather – without the need of hunting crocodiles. These processed leathers ea...Read More...

6 Reasons to buy a premium luxury product this festive season

  A state of great comfort or elegance.   Luxury is an integral part of our lifestyle. Nothing conveys a sense of status, wealth and exclusivity more than luxury products. The coming together of best materials, design, art and craftsmanship to create a timeless tale is worth owning. Such premium products have a rare and intangible quality of truth. We at Escaro understand your need and want for luxury and therefore, bring to you a collection of perfection. Here are 6 reasons why you should buy our premium luxury product this festive season.   You are a man who wears success     Nothing reflects quality more than a Wooden-Finish Wholecut Oxfords or a Blue Medallion Wholecut Oxfords. Our boardroom and corporate casual collection are mea...Read More...

Suit up - The attire of a complete man

Monday 23rd October 2017

Suit up - The attire of a complete man

  Choosing a perfect pair of shoe according to your outfit can be quite a task. A shoe is what makes or breaks your outfit. It is one of those elements of your overall personality that completes the whole outfit and your overall look. What colour to go for what style to sport? Generally these are the questions that haunts our mind. Put your worries aside, yours truly, Basically Menz has collaborated with Escaro Royale to answer all your questions along with the ultimate guide to choose the perfect pair. This article will mainly concentrate on the Formal Shoes.   Know Your Outfit: The first step is to know the theme of the outfit, if you figure that out your mind is already working in the right direction and you are likely to do well. We have outfits for every occasion but do we have the perfect pair of shoes to go with it? That’s not possible for people who likes to keep only a few options in their wardrobe and if you are one of those guys who own a big collection then the confusion of choosing the right ones seems mind boggling. A good way to figure out the outfit theme is to think of the occasion you a...Read More...

5 Gestures to make your man feel special this Diwali!

The countdown begins! It is only a matter of weeks before all of us and everything around us gets drenched in the spirit of goodness. The lights, the sweets, the social gatherings and ofcourse the mandatory exchange of gifts, all this and much more is what makes Diwali the happiest and the most cheerful festival!  Just in case your heart raced a bit after having read the word ‘Diwali gifts’, don’t worry we have got your back! Firstly, there is still time, so breathe! And secondly, read on! Shopping Diwali gifts for your boyfriends can be tricky. But we recommend that you chuck the usual safe list and go for these 5 uber-cool choices.   Organize A Surprise Get-To-Together     Okay, so we do agree that this one is border line ‘usual safe list’ but the high emotional quotient attached with this makes it in our list of 5 Gifts for your boyfriend...Read More...

10 Fashion Upgrades you need for this Diwali Season

With the festive season just around the corner, it’s the time to celebrate, put your best foot forward and feel fabulous! But this is also that time of the year when there’s a lot of pressure to look your best. While ladies have a plethora of options, men are usually restricted to simple kurtas, bandhgalas and Jodhpuris. But gentlemen, it is time to break the sartorial restrictions and up the style quotient, like a boss! Here are 10 fashion upgrades that you need this Diwali season.   Try a glamorous mix of culture, fashion and dance Chuck the usual shirt and trouser look and jazz up the look with a heavily printed shirt, with upturned sleeves with a silk jacket. Elevate the look with BR Tan Croc-Textured Tassel Loafers.   Go asymmetrical ...Read More...

The Ultimate Diwali Gifting Guide For Men

Wednesday 20th September 2017

The Ultimate Diwali Gifting Guide For Men

Love the festive season but dread the task of coming up with gifting ideas? Well, you have come to the right place! Selection of gifts for women is simpler than that for men. Well, don’t kill us for stating the fact! But the truth is women are spoilt for choices when it comes to gifting. Men, on the other side have limited options. And thanks to stereotypes, the ultimate selection boils down to either technology or cars/bikes. We are here to add that dash of colour and class in your selection of Diwali gifts for men. (Yes, you can thank us later! We are accepting reviews and thank you notes on our social channels.) So, ladies, we sincerely hope that you are taking notes! Firstly, let’s burst the stereotype bubble. Men and their likings are much above and beyond technology and bikes! We kid you not! Men are also about fine suits and classy boots! Even today, you can still tell a gentleman by his shoes. While a scratched shoe denotes a chap of chaotic habits, a well-worn and highly polished brogue, on the other hand, suggests that a man can take care of the things he loves. The eyes might be the window to the soul, b...Read More...

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