Exotic Shoes for Men

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Maximus Hightop Sneakers

MRP. 9999 8499

Jagger Hightop Sneakers

MRP. 9999 8499
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Exotic Leather shoes for Men

The rarity of exotic shoes makes them unique, expensive and collectible.
Our exotic shoes collection are the greatest design sequences to come out from our style studio. Escaro Royalé Exotic Shoes makes sure you stand out even in elite circles. Handmade with the finest imported leather, their style quotient is beyond expectations.

How to care for exotic leather footwear?

The more exclusive the footwear, the more care it demands. Just like our skin, exotic leather demands the right amount of moisture as well as dryness to keep them in good condition. Avoid wearing your exotic men’s shoes everyday, during downpours, or during hot days that result in sweaty feet which results in excess moisture. Moisture can stain and spoil even high quality leather. Clean them after every wear using a dry cloth or microfiber. Use leather polish to seal the required moisture in order to avoid leather cracks.
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