Leather Sneakers for Men

Want to be at the best of your casual attire with a dash of sportiness? Well, we cannot th...Read More

Want to be at the best of your casual attire with a dash of sportiness? Well, we cannot think of anything better than the classic men’s sneakers to do its magic. Grab this rubber-soled versatile footwear and you will know why.

Zane Grey Sneakers

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Designer Leather Sneakers for Men

When it comes to athletic footwear, sneakers have been considered one of the best choices for men. Apart from their comfortable shape and fit, they are also perfect to be paired with informal attire for a stylish yet casual look. Leather Sneakers from Escaro Royalé are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.
Sneakers were originally designed as sports shoes, but are now widely used as a casual range of footwear. These are distinctly identified by their rubber soles. In fact, they got their name from the fact that they are pretty much noiseless on the ground as contrasted to heeled shoes, and are perfect for “sneaking”.
The earliest of these rubber-soled sneakers were crafted by John Boyd Dunlop, owner of a firm named The Liverpool Rubber Company, around the 1830s. He figured out how to glue the canvas uppers with rubber soles and create comfortable sportswear shoes.
In current times, sneakers are one of the most loved comfort footwear.

Should you wear socks with sneakers?

You should definitely opt for socks to wear with your leather sneakers. You can go for either low-cut socks or calf-length socks depending on the occasion and purpose. With some outfits, the look might be complete with no show socks too.

How are sneakers different from sports shoes?

Sneakers are designed in a way that is ideal to be used as running shoes with their flexible rubber soles and amazing grip. Sport shoes, on the other hand, is designed for intensive workout activities like aerobics, weight-lifting, gym, playing rigorous sports, etc., and are usually more durable as compared to men's sneakers.
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