Heading out to a party but something feels missing? Pick a unique and fancy tie to compliment your blazer, and you are sure to be in the spotlight all evening!

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Tie for men

A man's tie has the power to transform a shirt and trousers into an amazing formal attire and a man into a gentleman.
Neckties are one of the classiest accessories in a man's wardrobe. This unique piece of clothing has the power to transform a formal shirt and trousers into an amazing outfit. The origin of neckties can be traced back to the Thirty Years' War of France, during which the Croatian mercenaries used to wear knotted neckerchiefs. Those neckerchiefs were originally used to tie their jackets. Eventually, those neckerchiefs evolved into ties for men and became the popular fashion accessories that they are today.

Where to buy premium neckties in India?

You can easily find perfect branded neckties at the Escaro Royalé fashion store. Ties come in a variety of patterns, colors, and styles. Choose from a variety of patterns, colors, and styles, and pair them with your formal and party wear suits to bring out the gentleman in you.

Can neckties be worn with half-sleeve shirts?

Ties are usually paired with full sleeve shirts. Half-sleeves are not considered appropriate to be paired with a necktie however, if you can pull it off with the right attire, then you certainly can. With a full sleeved shirt, you can pair a fancy tie to any event or venue like your workplace, an office party, or an evening cocktail party and rock them all.
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