Hand Painted Shoes

Get one-of-a-kind, and unique designs with these artsy hand painted shoes. These custom-made shoes are examples of a work of art in fabric or leather, depicting the individual taste and fashion sense crafted for the gentlemen.

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Men's Hand painted shoes

Simply style your outfit with a funky or boho pair of hand painted shoes and count the compliments coming your way.
Hand-painted shoes are an uproar trend in India. These not only look unique in style but also make an individual stand out from the crowd. Simply style your outfit with a funky or boho pair and count the compliments coming your way. If you want statement footwear in your wardrobe to represent your unique creative self, then now is the time to grab a pair of these hand painted shoes online.

What type of paint is used for hand-painted shoes?

Specific leather paints like angelus paintwork for leather and vinyl surfaces really well. Use paint pens and fine-tip markers for detailing and a refined finishing touch to these hand painted custom shoes.

How to maintain hand-painted shoes?

The best way to prevent hand-painted shoes is to seal the art using finisher sprays available in satin, matte and glossy finishes, scotch guard, or even mod podge sealants. In India's tropical climate, hand-painted shoes should be cleaned with a dry cloth after every wear and filled on the inside with absorbent material to keep them dry.
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